A selection of videos from my YouTube channel.

15 Minute Self Portrait – In this short video I do a quick self portrait setup with mirror and A4 sketch pad.
Placing myself by a windows to give side lighting I created this sketch in around 15 minutes using a soft graphite pencil.

Watercolour Painting of Garden Ornaments and Pots. – Join William Handley-Garland as he takes you through the stages of a small watercolour painting from initial pencil sketch to completed painting using the techniques of wet into wet and lifting out with a damp brush. Working with a side lit subject like this demonstrates the use of counter change with alternate light and dark to make each object to stand out against the adjacent ones making an interesting composition.

In this video I paint a Watercolour Anniversary Card. With the usual card shops closed due to the Covid-19 lock-down I was unimpressed by the few cards at my local supermarket so I thought I would paint one myself. This painting had to be the right sized to fit the available envelope making it smaller that my typical paintings. I use a wet in wet technique and soften hard edges to get the desired effect for the fur on the teddy bears.