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The Specialist

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Oil on canvas. 16″x 16″ in natural oak float frame – £180 plus P&P

Beach Huts at Mudeford No 2

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Colourful beach huts on the sand spit at Mudeford.

60cm x 20cm Acrylic on Canvas – sold SOLD

Beach Huts at Mudeford No 1

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Colourful beach huts on the sand spit at Mudeford.

60cm x 20cm Acrylic on Canvas – sold SOLD

Millennium Lighthouse

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The Millennium Lighthouse at Lepe marking the entrance to the Beaulieu River – Watercolour – Artist’s Collection

Lymington Market

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Oil on canvas board. 14″x 10″ in natural oak float frame – SOLD

Misty Morning

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‘Misty Morning’

Oil on canvas board. 16″x 12″ in natural oak float frame – £160 plus P&P

The Bargate

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Christmas scene at the Bargate in Southampton – Watercolour – Artist’s Collection
Available as a greetings card.

The Office

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Oil on canvas – sold SOLD