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Barges at Pin Mill

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Low tide at Pin Mill on the River Orwell in Suffolk.

Oil on canvas panel 16″ x 12″ in natural oak float frame – £220 plus P&P

Lymington Market

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Oil on canvas board. 14″x 10″ in natural oak float frame – SOLD

Misty Morning

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‘Misty Morning’

Oil on canvas board. 16″x 12″ in natural oak float frame – £160 plus P&P

The Bargate Southampton

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Southampton’s historic Bargate. Oil on canvas board. 14″x 10″ in natural oak float frame – £150 plus P&P

Sand & Sea

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Sunshine and a brisk walk at low tide on the beach at Rhossili Bay on the Gower Peninsula. Oil on stretched canvas 30cm x 60cm in a natural oak float frame – £150 plus P&P

Sunny Day at St Ives

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Beached boats on the golden sands of the lovely Cornish resort. Watercolour 29cm x 21 cm in card mount £95 plus P&P

Ashlett Mill

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The 19th Century mill stands on the west side of Southampton Water near the village of Fawley. The mill is now houses the Waterside Sports and Social Club, and the Ashlett Sailing Club. Oils on stretched canvas. 18″ x 24″ In natural oak float frame – £190 plus P&P